zondag 5 oktober 2014


What are you working on?
September has been a month of new beginnings for me. I just started working a full-time job, and a few weeks ago I had my first class of a 2-year course in textile design. I love doing things I've never done before so I can't wait to see what new things I'll learn and how it'll inspire my illustrations. Right now we're trying out lots of different things, I'll probably share more of my experiments in the future. This summer I spent time making plant pots and small drawings which, among other things, can now be seen at an exhibition in Dordrecht, and I still have a few projects coming up later this year.

How does your work differ from others in its genre?
It always seems easier for others to recognize this, but I suppose a major distinctive aspect is that I use lots of different materials, most notably stitched thread. I love textures so my favourite ways to make an image are with drypoint (which is a simpler version of etching, perfect for a person like me who's not very patient when it comes to drawing) and thread. There's also a few colours I keep coming back to, mainly Prussian Blue, which is sort of my black. I like to pair it with very bright yellow or Ultramarine. Other than that: animals, lots and lots of them!

Why do you create what you do?
Making things with my hands is just an urge I've always had and I can't imagine what it's like not to feel that. Sometimes small things like fixing my bike or making dinner can be enough, but when I spend a day without doing any of that, I tend to feel a bit useless. I'm not sure why exactly I make illustrations, all I know is I've been drawing ever since I was a little kid. What I do love about it is that it's not much of a hassle, and that I can do it by myself. I love doing side projects with clay or textiles, but I think I'll always keep coming back to paper.

How does your creative process work?
I tend to get inspired by colours and shapes a lot, or random little things I see or hear about. I try not to overthink drawings before I make them, though that's not always a possibility. When I do commissioned work I often have to provide a sketch, but I never make them for personal work, then I prefer to let my illustrations come into existence more intuitively. 


I got invited to this blog hop by my friend and fellow illustrator Merlijne Marell, who makes beautiful work you can check out here

I'd like to pass these questions on to two illustrators from the UK whose work I came across on the internet. First up is Wai Wai Pang. I think I first saw her work on Flickr and I really love how she switches between simple subtle drawings and bold and colorful ones. Also: this.

The second  illustrator I choose is Katie Harnett. I can't quite remember where I first saw her illustrations but I love her balanced colour palettes, shapes and compositions  and the way she paints. Check out her blog here.

I'm looking forward to their answers!

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